Stella Oduah The Pride Of Ndi Igbo

Stella Oduah The Pride Of Ndi Igbo

Stella Oduah The Pride Of Ndi Igbo

Stella Oduah is an example of what can be done to alleviate, the pains and sufferings of the people, through Government revenue.
Stella Oduah is the pride of Ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo as a whole.

The constitution 1999(Alteration) Bill 2017.
This Bill is focused on altering the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) to provide for independent candidates in elections to the Offices.

The Bill is focused on giving equal opportunities to people with political visions, people with the mind-set of developing the country.

The Bill will give room for qualified people to via for any post, no matter their age.
The Bill will not allow dreams to die, rather it gives room for future and great politicians to emerge.

It has been an issue of concern to many, that some people aren’t given the opportunity or the chance to via any post.
Through this bill it is now legal, for people to actually come out and seek for any political post.

It is indeed a thing of gratitude to Stella Oduah for bold and courageous step in having others with political visions in mind.
This bill will help breed new sets of political geniuses, that will turn the Landscape of politics around.

The Pride of Ndi-igbo

Stella Oduah
Anambra North PDP

Media Team

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