Sponsored Bills



1st        2nd       3rd

1 Constituency Projects Bill 2017A Bill for an Act to provide for Constituency Projects in the annual Budget of the federation; and other matters connected therewith.

2nd Reading passed

(Committee Stage)

      The Bill is designed to put to rest, the perennial lingering crisis that brews between the executive and the legislature over the issue of allocation of funds for constituency projects. The aim is to make sure every nook and cranny of the federation feels the impact of governance with Federal presence in form of projects executed by the Federal government to meet the needs of the people at the grassroots. The Bill if passed, will mandate FG to allocate 20% of Federal budget to rural development which is where the core of our population dwells.The Bill is referred to Senate committee.
2 Renewable Energy Bill 2017A Bill for an Act to Provide for the Utilisation, Sustainability and Adequate Supply of Renewable Energy for Electricity and Heat Generation and for Related Matters.

(Committee Stage)

      This Bill will serve as framework to support and develop renewable energy sources by creating enabling environment to attract business in that sector. It will help grow our power sector with reduced pressure on the ailing sector to meet our power demands. It will support the conventional powers sources that have repeatedly failed us. The underlining objective is to make energy affordable to everyone regardless of where you live in Nigeria. It will also support the development, utilization and efficient management of renewable energy sources.Object of the Act

1. (1) The object of this Act is to provide for the utilisation of renewable energy sources

for electricity and heat generation in an efficient and sustainable manner.

(2) For the purpose of subsection (1), the object shall encompass

(a) the provision of

(i) a framework to support the development and utilisation of renewable

energy sources; and

(ii) an enabling environment to attract investment in renewable energy sources;

(b) the promotion for the use of renewable energy;

(c) the diversification of supplies to safeguard energy security;

(d) improved access to electricity through the use of renewable energy sources;

(e) the building of indigenous capacity in technology for renewable energy sources;

(f) public education of renewable energy production and consumption; and

(g) the regulation of the production and supply of woodfuel and bio-fuel.


The Bill is referred to Senate committee.

3 Personal Information Protection Bill 2017A Bill for an Act to Promote the Protection of Personal Information Processed by Public and Private Bodies; to Introduce Information Protection Principles so as to Establish Minimum Requirements for the Processing of Personal Information; and other related Matters.



1st Reading     This Bill seeks to promote the right to privacy of individuals by organisations or government agencies while also promoting free flow of information. The objective is to give effect to the right to privacy, by introducing measures to ensure that the personal information of an individual(data subject) is safeguarded when it is processed by responsible parties.  It also aims to balance the right to privacy against other rights, particularly the right of access to information, and to generally protect important interests, including the free flow of information within and across the borders of Nigeria.The Bill is awaiting second reading.
4 South East Development Commission  BillA Bill for an Act to Establish the South East Development Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to act as a catalyst to develop the commercial potentials of the South East; and Other Connected Matters.

2nd Reading passed.

(Committee Stage)

Public Hearing passed

1st Reading     The Bill is to promote development of the South East that was left with heavy devastation after the civil war with the Federal Government NOT fulfilling the Reconstruction aspect of RRR that was pledged. It is a general consensus that the South East is the most backward in infrastructural development due to neglect by all the past governments post civil war. This bill is expected to address the deficit and ruins.The Bill is on committee stage.
5 NYSC Act (Amendment) Bill 2017An Act to amend the National Youth Service Corps Act, CAP. N84 LFN, 2004 to provide for free and compulsory acquisition of vocational skills by corps members, and for such related matters.


1st Reading 2nd Reading   The Bill is designed to provide for free and compulsory acquisition of vocational skills by Corps members as a solution to our perennial problem of unemployment. The objective is to make our youths the future employers of labour as entrepreneurs after youth service. The bill will go a long way in addressing post-graduation unemployment that is ravaging our system presently.The Bill has passed second reading.
6 Constitution 1999 (Alteration) Bill 2017A Bill for an Act to further alter the provisions of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, 1999(as amended) to provide for independent candidates in elections to the offices,,,,,        

This Bill was designed to alter the 1999 Constitution and provide for Independent Candidates as practiced by leading democracies in the world including some African countries. The Bill will give equal opportunities to many other individuals that are qualified to vie for positions in various levels of government but are deprived by the politicking and power influence that bedevil our political structures.The Bill is referred to Senate committee.






Passed First Reading (July 6th, 2017)

      The Bill will redress the imbalances in religion in Public Sector and Private Institutions including all our social lives and help project our secularism in all aspects of our governance which was a belief that formed the bedrock of our foundation by our founding fathers. The Bill is critical in redressing the challenges minority religion suffers in some parts of Nigeria.

(a.) deal with all matters relating to the protection of the fundamental human right to freedom of religion and belief as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the African Charter, the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and other international treaties on human rights to which Nigeria is a signatory;

(b.) monitor, investigate and prosecute all cases of religious discrimination, victimization and harassment and take such other actions as it may deem expedient in each circumstance;

(c.) assist victims of religious discrimination or violations and seek appropriate redress and remedies on their behalf;

(d.) undertake studies on all matters relating to religious rights and practices and assist the Federal Government in the formulation of appropriate policies on the guarantee of right to freedom from religious discrimination and victimization;

(e.) Monitor and investigate all cases of religious extremism, hate speeches and utterances meant to incite religious tension and prosecute persons responsible for such hate speeches.

(f.) Detect early warning signals of speeches or acts that can trigger religious tension and take appropriate measures to curtail such;

(g.) Review the safeguards provided by or under the Constitution or any law for the time being enforce for the protection of religious rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation;

(h.) review the factors, including acts of bigotry, stereotyping, religious profiling,terrorism and  religious extremism that inhibit the enjoyment of the free exercise

of religious rights and recommend appropriate remedial measures;

(i.) publish regular reports on the state of religious rights protection and promotion in Nigeria;

(j.) create awareness and promote advocacy through seminars, workshops and conferences on religious harmony and inter-faith peaceful co-existence and any other programmes;

(k.) participate in all international activities relating to the promotion and protection

of human rights especially as it relates to freedoms of religious beliefs and expressions;

(l.) maintain a library, collect data and disseminate information and materials on inter-religious harmony and coexistence; and

(m.) carry out all such other functions as are necessary or expedient for the performance of these functions under the Act.


Awaiting Second Reading

8 Motion:Need to give recognition to Anambra and Kogi as oil producing states and to forestall further hostilities between the warring communities of Odeke Echeno in Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State and Enugu- Out Aguleri and Eziagulu – Otu Communities in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State


      The motion was designed to reduce the bloodletting and tension among these communities that occupy the corridors of this epicenter of new oil discovery. Many people have lost their lives already in the crisis. There is need for Federal Government involvement to help settle the dispute through recognizing these states for peace to reign among the communities.

The Motion is still pending.

9 Motion:Need for the Establishment of Inland Ports at Onitsha, Enugu and Other Land-locked States.


      The Motion was designed to reduce the challenges business men and women in those landlocked cities with high volume of economic activities go through daily to get their imports down to their destinations from major seaports across the nation by road. It will help to reduce pressure on our roads which are currently used to move these goods and equipment from the existing ports of entry. It will also help FG to increase revenue base while many unemployed youths will be engaged.The Motion is still pending.
10 Motion:Need to encourage multi-nationals and other companies in participating in Corporate Social Responsibility CSR


Initial Submission stage

      The motion is to address the dangers companies pose in their host communities which they pollute their air, water, land, farmlands etc and care less to address the hazard even when they earn huge revenue to the detriment of their host communities. The motion will help to foster peaceful coexistence between the host communities and the companies and their staff. The companies are expected to address the dearth of social amenities in their host communities for peaceful relationship.The motion will service the following objectives:i.                    Compel corporate organizations to engage their host communities through CSR

ii.                  Compel corporate organizations to pay compensation to host communities for any environmental hazard their activities inflict on their communities

iii.                Compel Corporate organizations to engage the youths of the communities through employment, scholarship programs and other empowerment programs that will benefit the youths of the communities

iv.                Help to build cordial relationship between the host communities and the organisation.

11 Motion:Need to re-assess Nigeria’s Foreign Policy objectives in Line with emerging Economic realities.



Initial Submission stage

      The Motion was designed to recalibrate our foreign policy from the maxim that Africa is the centerpiece of Our Foreign policy to a more pragmatic foreign policy in the face of current realities. The motion is targeted to make the life of our citizens abroad the centerpiece of our foreign policy just like many countries in the world. The era where Nigerians are slaughtered, jailed and dehumanized across the globe by other countries should be jettisoned, with emphasis on protection of Nigerians and their well being regardless of any where they are across the globe. Also our economic, social and political interest should be paramount in our new foreign policy.
12  Motion on the need to grant voting rights to Nigerians in Diaspora.



Committee Stage

      The Motion is designed to recognize the role of about 17million Nigerians in Diaspora in exercising their franchise as our democracy deepens, as it is practised all over the world. Nigerians in Diaspora contribute immensely to our economy as they repatriate billions of Dollars yearly to cater to their families and loved ones. In the same vein, considering their importance in shaping our economic and social-political life here, they deserve to contribute towards the growth of our democracy through voting in our elections regardless of where they reside. It will also help the government to keep accurate data about Nigerians in Diaspora. The motion is under Senate Committee
13 Motion:Need to boost Agricultural production, prompt distribution and optimum utilization of fertilizers in Nigeria.


Initial Submission stage

      The motion is to address the issue of efficient and prompt distribution of fertilizers to farmers across the country, while recognizing the different farming seasons across the country due to geographical differences. It will also address the issue of government promoting increased local production of fertilizers to meet the rising demand from farmers.
14 Motion:Need to improve the lives of retired civil servants and police personnel.


Initial Submission stage

      The motion is to address the issue of welfare that has remained a concern among civil servants and Nigerian police engaged in service when they retire. It is designed to urge the Federal government to constitute inter-ministerial committee to work out necessary policy framework for a smooth commencement of welfare program for these people.
15 Motion:The Need to stop under-representation of women in elective and appointive positions at all levels of Government in Nigeria, and to implement affirmative action of thirty percent of women representation in Government.

Initial Submission stage

      The motion is targeted to address the issue of marginalization of women in elective and appointive positions in government. It calls for compliance with the 30 percent representation of women in government. It also calls for a mandate to the relevant committees to ensure full compliance.
16 Motion:The Need for the Federal Government of Nigeria to implement rural electrification using alternative energy sources

Initial Submission Stage

      The motion is geared towards encouraging FG to seek rural electrification program by exploiting other alternative energy sources like wind, coal, solar etc to help electrify all the rural areas in Nigeria. Interestingly, many of these rural areas have these alternative sources that are yelling for exploitation by government.
17 Motion:Need to ban the importation of Palm Oil.

Initial Submission Stage

      The motion is to address the need to sustain protectionist policy in palm oil by banning its importation into Nigeria so as to allow Nigerians optimize the opportunities lying moribund as Nigeria is blessed with many palm trees and palm plantations that require further investment to harness the resources in that sector.
18 Motion:The need for the Government to Revisit the CBN Policy of denying Foreign Exchange for the Importation of Certain Items

Initial Submission Stage

      The motion is meant to encourage the government to review the CBN policy on forex for importation of certain items which we rely heavily on to meet the local needs of the products. Our economy is still growing so we are heavily import-dependent, this is why the economy is ruing due to the clampdown on these products that we still need. The motion is calling for a review of the policy.
19 Motion:Urgent need to embark on massive provision of boreholes in rural communities in Anambra State and communities in other states of the Federation.

Initial Submission Stage

      The motion is to address the dearth of drinking water in Anambra North to help those rural communities that rely on unhealthy sources of water for their daily lives. These communities require adequate water for survival and even for their agricultural activities. The motion calls for massive construction of boreholes in Anambra rural communities.
          The motion is to urge the FG to embark on massive water scheme across the entire federation and Anambra North in particular to help reduce the menace of water borne disease in these areas and reduce the threat to lives of children who die yearly for water-related diseases.
20 Motion:The Need to establish Fish Farming Ponds in Local Government areas of the federation.

Initial Submission Stage

      The motion is to urge the FG to help in development of fish ponds in all local governments of Nigeria to help increase the production of this essential commodity that is used daily in our homes for food. Availability of this source of food will certainly help to reduce hunger and poverty in our rural communities.
21 Motion:The need to construct Dams in all communities across Nigeria.

PASSED on 3rd October, 2017

      The motion was designed to urge FG to seek lasting solutions to the reoccurring disaster of flood across Nigeria which destroys many lives and properties yearly especially across the river banks.Senate resolved to:

i.                    Encourage the federal ministry of Water Resources to construct small captive dams in all communities and locations at the rate of 4000 small dams per year.

ii.                  Urge the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to work on all river crossing of the highways with capacity to capture some water without jeopardizing the road structure itself since this will allow the money spent to serve dual purpose.

iii.                Urge the Federal Ministry of Water Resources to carry out investigation of ground water situation in all River basins and monitor its deployment;

iv.                Direct the Committee on Water Resources, Works and Agriculture and Environment to develop implementation guidelines for captive dam construction programme

v.                  Urge FG to effectively and fully utilize existing dams for the purpose they were built

vi.                Urge Ministry of Water Resources to conduct environmental impact assessment of the communities before embarking on construction of dams



22 BILL:An Act to establish the National Integrated Community Development Agency to promote Sustainable Change in Social and Economic Relations and Supporting the Goals of Growth and Development in Rural Economy. 1st Reading     The Bill is designed to establish the National Integrated Community Development Agency as a national unit to help implement and coordinate the activities/efforts of various other Ministries/Departments/Agencies engaged in the mobilization of the development of the Community areas in Nigeria. It empowers the agency with diverse functions aimed at the improvement and development of the quality of life in the community areas. These functions include the provision of roads, basic infrastructures and increased food and industrial raw material output, the stimulation of agricultural and non-farm activities, human resource development and any other activities that will facilitate an improved quality of life in the Community areas of the country.BILL IS AWAITING SECOND READING
23 BILL:Bill for an Act for Complimentary and alternative Medicine Practice Regulatory Council of Nigeria(Establishment, etc) Bill 2016


      The Bill is designed to urge the Federal Government to establish Alternative Medicine regulatory council that will control the activities of producers and vendors of alternative medicine in Nigeria.THE BILL IS AWAITING FIRST READING
24 BILL:Bill for an Act to Establish National Artisans Development Centres, to Provide for The Development of Artisans across the Country; and for other Matters Connected Therewith.


      The Bill seeks to establish Artisans Development Centre to provide adequate centering for the acquisition and Development of Skills for unemployed persons in Nigeria. It is to address the high level of unemployment across the nation especially for the less privileged and uneducated youths who are roaming the streets seeking for job opportunities.THE BILL IS AWAITING FIRST READING
25 BILLMarriage Act CAP M6 LFN 2004 (Repeal & Re-enactment) Bill, 2017 (SB. 189)

First Reading

1st Reading     The bill is designed to repeal the Marriage Act in line with current reality.
26 MOTIONUrgent need for the Construction/Rehabilitation of Rural Roads across the country.

Initial Submission Stage

      ·         The motion is to urge Federal Govt to construct and rehabilitate rural roads in Anambra State and other states of the Federation.·         To urge FERMA to as a matter of special intervention policy rehabilitate and maintain rural roads in Anambra State and other States of the federation

·         Mandate the Committee on Works, Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure full compliance with the above two prayers

27 BILLHarmonized Retirement Age of Staff on the National Assembly Service Bill, 2017

First Reading(July 19th, 2017)

1st Reading     The bill is designed to harmonise the retirement age of National Assembly workers in conformity with civil service rules
28 MOTIONUgent Need to control the indiscriminate erection of speed bumps on Federal Roads Nationwide

Passed 3rd October, 2017

1st Reading 2nd Reading 3rd Reading The motion is targeted at the indiscriminate erection of speed bumps on Federal highways making it difficult for free flow of traffic and heavy impact on the wear and tear of vehicles that ply those roads.

The Senate resolved to:

i.                    Direct the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to remove all speed bumps indiscriminately erected off Federal Highways nationwide and also regulate and standardize the erection of speed bumps

ii.                  Urge the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to cause owners of petrol filling stations to build a service lane of not less than 50m on both sides of the stations to avoid customers turning directly to and from the highways

iii.                Urge the Ministry of Power,Works and Housing to enforce set back regulations for fixed structure along Highways;

iv.                Urge Planning Authority regulations for motor parks , markets and places of worship

v.                  Urge Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to enforce the inclusion of road signages as part of road construction

29 PROPERTY RIGHTS OF SPOUSES BILL, 2018(SB.190)First Reading February 6th, 2018 1st Reading    
30 GOVERNMENT PERFORMANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY BILL, 2018 (SB.629)First Reading February 28, 2018 1st Reading     The objective of the Bill is to address the challenges of Accountability and transparency in governance while also setting standards to measure performance to optimize productivity in public sector.  It puts the issue of accountability at the forefront of governance.

Read and Passed March 6th, 2018


1st Reading     The motion was designed to address the incessant challenges faced on our roads across the nation, especially inter-state roads which are under the purview of the Federal Govt.Statistically, it was reported that more than 95% of the movement of people, goods and services are by road. This makes it imperative for us to steadily maintain our roads for easy movement of goods and services.

The poor maintenance of our roads has resulted in many loss of lives tragically on these roads.


The motion emphasised the fact that the Ida-Odolu-Nsukka-Adani-Otuocha-Onitsha road , which traverses the three state of Kogi, Enugu and Anambra is in total disrepair presently and requires urgent action.


Senate resolved to:

i.                    Urge FG to ensure the rehabilitation and and repair of inter-state roads in Nigeria in the 2018 fiscal year

ii.                  Mandate the Committee on works to investigate the award and execution of the Idah-Odolu-Nsukka-Adani-Otuocha-Onitsha federal road

iii.                Urge FERMA to as an interim measure, begin immediate repair of the bad portions of the Idah-Odolu-Nsukka-Adani-Otuocha-Onitsha federal road to make it motorable pending when full rehabilitation works can commence


Read and Passed March 6th, 2018

1st Reading     The motion deliberated on the rising criminality and abuse of minors and maids in our society with a call to action from the government to stop it forthwith.The motion highlighted many cases of reported child abuse while it was clear that ,many more cases remain unreported. It was reported that statistically, 6 out of every 10 children experienced some form of violence and 50% of all Nigerian children have experienced physical violence and that between 2014 and now, the situation has no improved.


The Senate resolved to:

i.                    Urge the Ministry of Women Affairs to take measures that would arrest this war against the right of children

ii.                  Call on the members of the Senate Committee on Women Affairs and Justice to investigate the viral trend and report back to the Senate in 2 weeks.

iii.                Urge FG, SG, & LG to provide good quality and affordable education and job opportunities to all across the country.

33 BILL An Act to provide for the protection of investors and promotion of investment; to achieve a balance of rights and obligations that apply to all investors; and to provide for matters connected therewith.


1st Reading         1.1 The Bill seeks to achieve a balance between the rights and obligations of all investors in Nigeria, to provide adequate and equal protection to foreign investors and domestic investors, and to promote investment.The Bill confirms the legal position that foreign and domestic investors, their investments are protected under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (‘‘Constitution’’), and applicable domestic legislation. The Bill seeks to treat foreign investors and their investment not less favourably that of domestic investors in like circumstances are treated.

1.2 The Bill confirms a commitment by the Nigerian Government to protect all investments irrespective of their origin. The underlying philosophy of the Bill is to clarify the protection that an investor may expect, and to promote all types of investments by creating a predictable business environment that is readily understandable to an investor.

1.3 The Bill also confirms that both foreign and domestic investors are protected under the Constitution. In some instances it may be unavoidable to differentiate between foreign and domestic investors. However these instances are limited and do not violate the principle of equal treatment.

Government’s right to regulate is emphasised since legitimate policy measures should be implemented in the public interest.

1.4 The Bill seeks to strengthen Nigeria’s investment regime by seeking to achieve that:

(a) That Nigeria remains open to foreign direct investment (‘‘FDI’’);

(b) That Nigeria provides adequate protection to FDI; and

(c) These objectives are balanced with the right of the government to regulate in the national and public interest.

1.5 The intention of the Bill is to clarify provisions typically found in Bilateral Investment Treaties (‘‘BITs’’), by codifying them in the Bill and ensuring compliance with the Constitution.

1.6 The Bill therefore seeks to balance the rights and obligations of investors, to provide adequate protection to foreign investors, to ensure that Nigeria’s constitutional obligations are upheld, and to ensure that government retainsthe policy space to regulate in the public interest.

1.7 Furthermore, the Bill draws on a review of international experience as well as recent national experiences across a wide spectrum of both developed and developing countries.

1.8 The following clauses, in turn, outline the policy perspectives and objectives of the core substantive provisions to be found in the Bill.



1st Reading    
35 BILLAn Act to Alter the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as Amended and for Other Matters Connected Thereto


1st Reading     This bill seeks to amend the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to make it mandatory for the President to brief the National Assembly on measures taken for the realization of policy objectives contained in in section 13 of the constitution
36 BILL 

Federal University of Education Aguleri, Anambra State (Est, etc) Bill, 2018 (SB.653)


First Reading Passed

17th April, 2018


(Co-Sponsored by Victor Umeh)

1st Reading      The Bill which was co-sponsored by Senator victor Umeh was designed to address the perennial admission challenges in Anambra State and other environs.

Yearly, Anambra State and many South East States top the list of States with highest number of students seeking admission into tertiary institutions across the country. Many of these youths who are seeking to develop their human capital through modern education are deprived admission with flimsy geo-political reasons of catchment  area.

Yearly, many of these young people denied their right to education are forced into desperate survival strategies that make them vulnerable to the waiting hawks called yahoo yahoo boys, human traffickers, kidnappers et al who promise them life changing opportunities and quick money to migrate into the club of Nouveaux riche at such a young age.

These overtures which are tempting to them and so difficult to reject create the part way to the destruction of lives and minds of our young people.

This tertiary institution has come to cushion the effects by increasing the number of young people who gain admission yearly.

The Following Benefits are tenable when this Bill is passed:

i.              Many young people seeking admission into tertiary institutions that are deprived hitherto will have more opportunities to gain admission

ii.            The institutions will contribute to training of many teachers who will in turn contribute their quota towards the development of other young students as teachers in those schools.

iii.          Location of the school will contribute towards the development of the communities around Aguleri as the presence of students will increase economic activities in the area.

iv.          This will help to reduce illiteracy level around the area

v.            It will attract a lot of economic activities including real estate development around the communities.

37 BILL 

Establishment of Federal University of Aquatic Services, Ogbaru, Anambra State


First reading April 19th, 2018


1st Reading    

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