MaxLife Foundation


Slogan: giving out for a life

MISSION: To discover and enhance the natural endowments reserved in every child especially the academically disinclined through massive exposure to artistic and creative competence.

VISION: To create an enabling environment for the not-so-academically-inclined persons to attain meaningful & sustainable livelihoods that would guarantee a holistic salvation.


Behind every meaningful project, there was an even greater passion for it. And for MaxLife Foundation, that passion assumed perfect meaning in the life and person of Maxwell Chinedu Omabuwa Oduah-Etoromi of the Blessed Memory.

Our world today has continued to grow with people being self-absorbed with their individual achievements, with their concerns being limited only to the extent those achievements improved only their own lives. No time, no reason spared to consider the lots of the other folks around especially the very needy.

On a larger scale, our evolving society tends to write off people who were not opportune to own high-school certificates. Our interests, apparently are more readily drawn to the “Degree-carriers,” an ugly trend which always leaves the have-nots at the mercy of hopeless gloom and social shame. The latter class, consequently, would not only be regarded by others as social outcasts but would also see their very selves as good-at-nothing.

As it were, it was the plight of the unfortunate young people in this category that Maxwell’s heart & concerns were basically drawn to while he was alive. It was typical of him to reason that “every child is endowed with a peculiar talent- school or no school.” He was practically thinking to build an avenue that would always accommodate, listen to and cater for that despondent class of the forgotten, the academically poor & the fatherless. Looking forward to achieving this as his magnum opus, Maxwell dreamt of a society where not only the privileged but also the academically disinclined would enjoy sustainable livelihood.

Thus, MaxLife Foundation evolved out of the vital need to immortalize such a life-reviving dream through the cordial instrumentality of his beloved mother who happens to share the selfsame passion for the ill-advantaged youths as pragmatically proven through her own Foundation- PSOF.


MaxLife is a newly established Foundation graciously powered by Senator Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah. The Foundation remains the noblest means to give life to the deepest dreams of Late Maxwell Chinedu Omabuwa Oduah Etoromi.

Fundamentally, a charitable & non-profitable firm, MaxLife prioritizes the cause of the socially vulnerable young citizens especially the fatherless and the very poor. An important aspect of our mission is to ensure that social conditions do not deny the said class of individuals the opportunities to be informed, be learned and be established in life through both/either formal learning and/or practical skills.

In line with Late Maxwell’s firm belief that “every child is endowed with peculiar talent despite backgrounds,” the Foundation, in less than a year of establishment, has tremendously impacted in the life of many underprivileged youths through massive scholarship schemes in education/skill acquisition at different levels.


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