Thursday 24/10/19.I

I gave some remarks on Day 2 of the Joint Senate and House of Representatives committee on the 2020 Appropriation Bill (FGN Budget Proposal).

I commended the FIRS for their earlier presentation which had gone a long way to demystifying the body and making citizens more aware of their national responsibilities towards tax and taxation but pointed out the need for so far non existent structures to be put in place for Nigerians to wholeheartedly accept taxation.

I also spoke on the need for deemphasizing the "Stick" approach to enforcing taxation and made a passionate case for sensitization and reorientation drives that would ensure Nigerians understand the need for compliance to tax rules and regulations and affirmed that once citizens understand the impact on their lives and communities, issues of non compliance would definitely be a thing of the past.

I equally commended the Budgeting office for the unprecedented transparency they recently brought to the budgeting process but noted the need for more to be done as evident in the issue of annually reoccurring items which though responded to, clearly shows that without such transparency, there would not be opportunities for questions to be asked and opined that it is the only way the responses they give would have true meaning to Nigerians.

I also spoke on providing inland ports for areas that are landlocked and restated my position against the total closure of the border whilst suggesting that measures be rather put in place to ensure that things that are supposed to come into the country, come in through the right channel for it is not right to cut off one's hands by reason of an injury that can easily be addressed.

I touched on a myriad of issues and Nigerians are enjoined to watch this clip which is a window to the pivotal roles the appropriation committee plays in the budgeting process.


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